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Ioannidis Yiannis is the fourth generation of jewellery designers. Born in an artistic environment it was only natural for him to be drifted in it from a very young age. He took his first drawing lessons at the age of 12, from a well-known Greek professor and artist, Pavlos Vrellis.

Next steps in his professional career were to obtain a bachelor’s degree in the American College of Greece, focusing on marketing studies, along with a gemology diploma for precious stones in Milan. Being born in a family with a long history in jewellery making and fabrication, he wanted to bring new ideas and create something unique, combining his routes along with Greek and Byzantine inspirations.

By being in the jewellery industry for more than 40 years, he is able to create this special line of jewellery. His shop is based in the heart of Athens but operates worldwide.
Even though technology has helped with the manufacturing of the jewelleries, Ioannidis jewellery follows a more traditional approach. The first step in designing a jewellery piece starts with drawing it in a piece of paper. when the drawing face finishes, special craftsmen take over.

Greece has a long history of manufacturing jewelleries in hand, and Ioannidis is working with the best in the field. Together they take care each and one of the special jewelleries until the piece is finally ready.

The materials used for the jewellery are either gold K18, K22 or silver 925 along with precious stones. Quality is one of the principles for Ioannidis. In the end, the jewellery piece you are wearing is combining high aesthetic, with eternal Greek heritage and highest quality.